Reddit is going to let you turn gold into money

what is gold on reddit

Another, replying to an announcement post in a subreddit for moderator news, expressed unhappiness that Reddit isn’t providing some sort of compensation or transition into the next system. And for users already frustrated at Reddit over new API pricing that forced some popular third-party apps to shut down, the loss of awards like Reddit Gold, arguably one of the most iconic elements of the platform, could sting that much more. I’m also worried that bad actors might find ways to abuse the Contributor Program to earn a quick buck without actually making meaningful contributions. In conclusion, there are multiple ways to obtain and give Reddit gold on the platform.

what is gold on reddit

The only thing that matters when being given Gold is the quality of your posting. Some Reddit users weren’t happy with the decision to drop the old Reddit Gold system, which added to frustrations over the company’s introduction of usage-based API pricing that ultimately made some major third-party apps shut down. While the protests across the site over the API pricing have largely died down, some users expressed their unhappiness toward CEO Steve Huffman during the recent run of the r/Place interactive canvas. Try logging in or creating an account here to get back to browsing. Here are some fascinating facts about the site’s history, celebrity Reddit users to keep an eye out for, the best of Reddit’s Shower Thoughts, and the origins of Reddit’s most popular game, the 50/50 challenge.

Exploring Various Ways to Obtain and Give Reddit Gold

Users can earn Reddit gold by participating in various challenges or events hosted by moderators or other members of the community. This method requires more effort but can be rewarding for those who enjoy engaging with others online. Reddit allows you to save your favorite comments, but its standard site doesn’t allow you to sort those favorites. Gold members can view their saved comments by the individual subreddit they originate from, helping you organize favorite arguments from r/politics or whatever struck your fancy in r/gonewild.

These awards are given to posts or comments that have made a positive impact on others or displayed exceptional creativity and originality. Let’s start with the Reddit Gold update since it’s a critical part of that Contributor Program. Under the new gold system, you can long-press an upvote button on mobile or hover over it on desktop to be able to buy gold. Reddit will offer six different purchase options for awarding gold, starting at a $1.99 option to buy one gold and going up to $49 for 25 gold. After you give your gold, you’ll see what Reddit calls a “golden upvote” next to the comment or post. Firstly, Reddit Gold supports the platform by providing funds for development and server costs.

Reddit’s replacement mods may be putting its communities at risk

In return, users who purchase gold receive benefits that enhance their experience on the site. This creates a win-win situation where both parties benefit from each other’s contributions. Reddit is going to let users spin Reddit gold into real money as part of its new “Contributor Program,” the company announced on Monday. It also shared details on the replacement for its old Reddit Gold system that let users show extra appreciation for posts or posts that they liked. If you’re running a script or application, please register or sign in with your developer credentials here.

The Contributor Program is also rolling out starting Monday, and it will be available on the web and Reddit’s mobile apps. You’ll be able to see if you’re eligible to be verified for the program by checking your profile. The previous system let you give a bunch of different awards in addition to Reddit gold, including awards custom to individual subreddits. But Reddit Coins officially went away as of September 12th, so you can’t use them to award gold under this new system. Depending on which subreddit you’re visiting, you’ll see many variations of Snoo all over the site, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own.

Gold members get the ability to create and share their own Snoo. Reddit themes don’t bring any significant changes to Reddit’s user interface, but they’re a pleasant aesthetic change of pace from the normal grays of the site. Another way to obtain Reddit gold is through earning it through community participation.

  1. It can actually help make your time on the platform better in several ways.
  2. Gold members get three times that much, with 1,500 comments loaded whenever you open thread.
  3. You’ll be able to see if you’re eligible to be verified for the program by checking your profile.
  4. It allows users to show appreciation for quality content by giving awards to posts and comments.

Gold can be given to posts and comments, unless they include sexual content, content with graphic violence, or feature certain mature themes (e.g., alcohol, gambling). In addition, gold cannot be awarded on content posted in a Not Safe for Work (NSFW), quarantined, or trauma support community. Similarly, content on a redditor’s profile page isn’t eligible to receive gold — you can only purchase it in communities, in feeds, and on the post page. While Reddit hasn’t specified what the new system might look like, Android Authority may have dug up some clues.

Reddit Gold members get to beta test new features before anyone else does. If you’ve always wanted to be on the cutting edge of the Reddit user experience, Gold is the way to go. This one is self-explanatory, but it’s a nice break for users on a site where ad blockers don’t cover everything. You have a couple of options when you’re buying or giving Reddit Gold to someone else. You’ll save some money by committing to a full year, but after that, the cost levels out. You also have the option of including a message and making it anonymous.

Reddit is going to let you turn gold into money

This means you get more out of your time on the site without being bombarded with ads or irrelevant content. Lastly, Reddit Gold allows users to customize their profiles with themes and avatars while giving them the satisfaction of supporting an online community they care about. It adds value beyond just standard usage of the site but creates a unique identity within it.

Have you ever seen someone on Reddit who has a shiny gold badge next to their username? Well, let me tell you, Reddit Gold is more than just an eye-catching adornment! It can actually help make your time on the platform better in several ways.

Reddit’s new Contributor Program will let you cash out gold given to your posts by other users in real money.

The main benefit is knowing you’re helping keep the lights on at the site that brings you so much joy. Another way you can make use of Reddit Gold is by creating custom feeds based on specific topics that interest you most. With this feature, you won’t need to browse different subreddits one-by-one since all posts related to your selected topic will be displayed in one place. The first benefit of having a Reddit Gold subscription is access to exclusive content and perks. You’ll have early access to new features before they’re released publicly, ad-free browsing, customizable avatars and themes, and more.

The community-driven social website is known for its diverse subreddits where users can discuss almost anything under the sun. Reddit Gold is a premium membership program designed to enhance the user’s experience on the site. Here are some ways you can maximize your experience on Reddit using Gold features.

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